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Senior Cryptography Engineer

Webb Protocol

Webb Protocol

Other Engineering
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

At Webb, we're building the largest private blockchain bridge protocol possible. We use modern cryptographic techniques like zero-knowledge proofs and multi-party computation to enhance privacy for users of multi-chain blockchain applications.

Our private bridge protocol is a critical piece of infrastructure that enables anyone to privately move cryptocurrency assets between blockchains. We are passionate about privacy and building products that give power and privacy back to users of blockchain protocols.

We are building multiple implementations of our protocols targetting the EVM, Substrate, and Cosmos ecosystems and plan to support more as we grow.


We are looking for cryptography engineers with a strong interest in building and deploying new zero-knowledge products and who have a background in programming, mathematics, and cryptography. A background in building blockchain technology is a plus. We are a young and small team that is always learning and are supportive of each other's growth towards this goal.

The main area of ownership for a cryptography engineer at Webb is to:

  • Design and develop zero-knowledge circuits compatible in a variety of blockchain ecosystems.
  • Research and decision making around cryptographic tools we should use for the design of an interoperable privacy system.
  • Research and and design of interoperable systems utilising zero-knowledge primitives and multi-party protocols.
  • Writing and documentation for research specs and grants for components of the Webb Protocol.
  • Integration into blockchain architectures and smart contracting systems.


  • Proficiency in Rust
  • Experience with cryptographic engineering.
  • A background in mathematics and cryptography.
  • An interest in distributed systems and interoperable blockchain technology.

A plus

  • Experience programming with Solidity.
  • Experience building blockchain systems and/or smart contract applications.
  • Research experience in cryptography / distributed systems
  • Experience building interoperable blockchain technology such as light client infrastructure.


We are a fully remote team and are incubated by Commonwealth Labs, a venture incubator. We work on slack and use Github to handle task allocation and use Notion to track technical specs and organise research. At Webb you'll have a tremendous amount of freedom to help shape the narrative and we don't have a ton of bureaucracy, you will be free and incentivised to do your best work on your own time.

For more info about our work, check out our Github.