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Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, January 18, 2024

Software Engineer

Job Posted
January 9, 2024 9:44 AM

About Noble

Noble is the premier asset issuance chain in Cosmos. Noble solves a variety of critical pain points around native issuance, including: security, liquidity, compliance, standardization and neutrality. Noble’s long-term vision is to be an on-ramp for any digital asset to natively access the Cosmos and IBC ecosystem in a secure, compliant and seamless manner.


As a key technical hire, you will work closely with Noble’s Director of Engineering and will need intimate familiarity with the existing Cosmos-SDK-based chain architecture, its modules and asset issuance infrastructure.
Support engineering efforts on Noble to integrate additional native assets
Maintain technical and reputational trust with ecosystem partners
Support software integration efforts with asset issuers onto the Noble app-chain
Build new state machine components to support new and emerging interoperability functionality in the Cosmos and IBC ecosystem
Be conversant with key components of the Cosmos stack (Cosmos-SDK modules, IBC, Cosmos middleware, etc) as they relate to Noble’s product development
Support infrastructure operators that integrate with the Noble chain (i.e. relayer operators, validators, front ends, appchains, etc.)
In general, improve the user experience, correctness, code-quality, and performance of the software
Create and maintain technical documentation
Contribute clean, well tested, and well documented code, as necessary
Perform basic community management, including reviewing issues and pull requests and providing valuable feedback to open source contributors
Guard the quality of the software from technical debt, missing tests or documentation, and feature creep


3+ years of building complex systems with the Go and/or Rust programming languages
Experience building APIs, protocol buffer files, gRPC, REST, JSON-RPC, and web sockets
High-level understanding of how blockchains work (consensus, transactions, blocks, etc.)
Experience with protocol engineering
Proficient in spoken and written English

Nice to Have

Experience with protocol engineering
Experience with a scripting language like Javascript or Python
Blockchain experience, for example, writing smart contracts with Solidity, CosmWasm, or building blockchains with Cosmos SDK
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineer, Software Development (or equivalent) or Higher


Competitive base salary
Health, dental, and vision benefits
Meaningful equity


Opportunity for career development in a fast paced emerging industry
Work with people who are passionate about what they do and also like to have fun
Company issued hardware
100% remote with travel opportunities
Option of coworking space, if desirable
5 weeks of paid vacation
Lifestyle benefits! Because relaxation and fun are key to a well-balanced life! :)
If interested, please contact Jelena Djuric at jelena@nobleassets.xyz