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Developer Advocate (Remote)

=nil; Foundation

=nil; Foundation

Software Engineering, Legal
Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2023
=nil; Foundation has been at the forefront of Ethereum scalability solutions since 2018. With a mission to overcome the Ethereum scalability challenge, the team has been working on cutting-edge products such as =nil;’s native Proof Market, zkLLVM, and Placeholder, combining advanced cryptography, zero-knowledge technology, and database management systems.
The success of our business relies on the wide adoption of our technologies. This is where the Developer Relations team comes on stage.
The purpose of the Developer Relations team at =nil; is to make engineers’ lives at work better. We do it by building the community, communicating with it about our technology, and returning feedback to our team. We also support our researchers and developers in all things related to technical communications and knowledge sharing.
We see Developer Advocates as engineers who enjoy sharing technical knowledge just as much as they enjoy building things. Developer Advocates are the link between our company and the community of developers using our technology. You will communicate about our technologies, educate people in the community, and help them succeed. Just as well you will advocate for the community and deliver feedback to the company.
As a Developer Advocate, you will be engaged in developing tooling and educational projects, writing blog posts, organizing events, speaking, and teaching others to speak. You will work closely with advocates and technical writers on your team, product owners, and other engineers.


  • Coding decentralized and zk-provable “Hello world” apps.
  • Writing hardcore technical blog posts, tutorials, and educational courses.
  • Running live coding sessions, workshops, discussions, and Q&A sessions.
  • Speaking on meetups and conferences, both online and offline.
  • Organizing tech talks, meetups, and hackathons.


A good candidate for this position:
  • Has experience in development, that can be proven with a link to a GitHub account.
    - Experience in C++, Rust, and/or cryptography is good to have, but not a strict requirement.
  • Experience in Web3 is good if it’s a real development experience.
  • Loves writing about technology.
    - A personal technical blog or a Telegram channel is a big benefit. Twitter is a nice addition, but it should not be the only place where the candidate writes.
  • Loves talking to people.
  • It’s great if you have a portfolio of talks on meetups and conferences, YouTube records, or teaching on online platforms like Coursera.
  • Has English C1 or better.


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