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Business Development - Ecosystem & Onboarding Success Manager



Sales & Business Development
Berlin, Germany
Posted on Thursday, August 24, 2023

Our team is focused on building Evmos, the port-of-entry for launching applications across multiple blockchains.

Evmos is the one of the first Ethereum Virtual Machine-based blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem and enables developers to launch apps that run smart contracts across any number of EVM and Cosmos-based blockchains. It makes that process as simple and seamless as possible by allowing developers to continue creating apps in programming languages like Solidity or Vyper they’re already accustomed to in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Evmos opens a new frontier for blockchain applications, expanding the functionality of the EVM by enabling cross-chain applications that tap the liquidity and user bases of multiple blockchain ecosystems to provide more unified experiences.

The Ecosystem Onboarding- and Success Manager will be instrumental in ensuring the success and growth of our partners within the Evmos ecosystem. This role bridges the gap between our core team, ecosystem contributors, and external partners, ensuring that everyone collaborates effectively and efficiently. By coordinating various activities, executing cross-functional projects, and acting as a liaison, this individual will play a critical role in ensuring the seamless integration of partners into the Evmos ecosystem.

What you'll be doing

  • Cross-Functional Project Management: Execute cross-functional (onboarding) projects involving Partners, Ecosystem contributors, and the core Evmos team.
  • Ecosystem Coordination: Coordinate with Ecosystem participants such as dapps and partners to ensure their successful onboarding and launch within the Evmos ecosystem.
  • Core Team Liaison: Serve as the primary point of contact between validators, governance, independent contributors to the ecosystem, and the core Evmos team
  • Problem-Solving: Analyze, summarize, and communicate partner concerns to the core team. Propose and implement solutions to address existing challenges.
  • CRM-Management: Maintain team-internal CRM of existing partners.
  • Community Engagement: Participate in regular Evmos community calls.
  • Governance Management: Oversee governance, including management of and organisation of the monthly validator roundtable.
  • Event Organization: Plan and execute events like webinars, office hours, AMAs, and other partner/community engagements.
  • Communication and Education: Actively communicate and educate Ecosystem participants and Evmos Partners about initiatives, opportunities, and updates within the community.
  • Feedback Collection: Listen to and collect feedback from the community, reporting it to Engineering teams to help refine and improve our software


  • 3- to 5-years in Project Management with multiple stakeholders involved in challenging, rapidly-changing and tech-heavy environments
  • Familiarity with Cosmos and Ethereum blockchain ecosystems.
  • An active DeFi user with hands-on experience.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and coordinate with multiple teams simultaneously.

Nice to Have

  • Solid understanding of blockchain technology.
  • Strong technical writing skills.
  • Prior experience or familiarity with the Evmos project.


Below is a list of company benefits available to Evmos employees. We are constantly updating them as part of the regular feedback cycle from the team. Please reach out to us if you have a special requirement when applying to a position and we will happily take it into consideration.

  • Competitive salary, plus token package
  • Fitness and mental health/mindfulness stipends
  • All necessary equipment, tech, and office setup
  • Global co-work membership (for remote employees)
  • Health Care coverage
  • Quarterly team off-sites and retreats
  • Full reimbursement for ecosystem conferences (travel, accommodation, and tickets)
  • Continuous learning stipends / Educational budget
  • Transportation stipends, eg: Bike, public transportation, Uber / cab (in case of work-related or after-hour traveling)
  • Unlimited vacation policy for full-time employees
  • PTO and situation-specific support
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Visa sponsorship for Germany*
  • Subject to review by local authorities