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Rust Engineer



Software Engineering
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Thursday, August 26, 2021

About us

DEX Labs is a tech start-up building cutting-edge, decentralized exchange infrastructure for the cryptocurrency markets. Our goal is to develop creative solutions for the problems decentralized exchanges are facing today and ultimately combine the upsides of centralized finance with those of decentralized finance - a self-governed, decentralized finance platform without compromising on performance or user experience.

We value diversity and inclusion and we are committed to hiring and supporting individuals regardless of identity or background. We're passionate about providing usable and accessible solutions, and your unique perspective and experience will inform improvements and features that make decentralized exchange usable to a wider audience.


  • Write (low level) Rust code, that’s sophisticated, fast, and readable for complex, concurrent decentralized exchange infrastructure
  • Test and measure your (and our) code with unit tests, integration tests, benchmarking, etc.
  • Proactively improve our Rust, TypeScript, Python, or Solidity codebase
  • Write the kind of documentation that you would want to use


  • Write great code that is robust and well-tested
  • Know your way around Docker, Postgres, and other infrastructure-related technologies
  • Work across different areas like DevOps, the core product’s Rust, TypeScript or Python codebase, and our Solidity smart contracts
  • Be enthusiastic about building great software that serves a purpose


  • You know your Rust well
  • Your TypeScript is on point
  • You are active in the crypto ecosystem or interested in joining
  • You have worked with or are interested in Intel SGX / Trusted Execution Environments


  • We pay a competitive salary with equity compensation
  • Comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance in the US
  • Work from anywhere - including a stipend for your remote / WFH set-up
  • Unlimited time off