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Senior Software Engineer (Product)



Software Engineering, Product
New York, NY, USA · Remote
Posted on Saturday, April 1, 2023

About Polymarket

Polymarket is the world's largest prediction market where users bet on their beliefs and earn for being right. By trading on markets from politics and DeFi to conspiracy theories and culture, our users generate price-driven forecasts that provide unbiased insights into the likelihood of certain events happening. The result is an unbiased source of truth that helps people understand and better prepare for the future.

We believe the existence of markets on current events will save society from fake news and misinformation by enabling accountability on the internet — letting people put their money where their mouth is and have skin in the game rather than pushing false narratives with no consequences. Markets breed truth. Our overarching vision is to create a world where anyone can create and trade markets on anything. As the market leader, we're steadily making that dream a reality and working to redefine the way people engage with and understand the world around them, but there remains a lot left to build.

About this Role

We are looking for a self-motivated and design-oriented individual to join the product engineering team at Polymarket as a Senior Product Engineer. This role will involve working alongside the product engineering team to evolve the product (polymarket.com) at Polymarket. As a Senior Product Engineer, you’ll be immersed in the product through architecting and building out new features in addition to optimizing and improving existing features. We iterate rapidly and have built one of the fastest-growing decentralized applications. Given we're still a small team, expect to work on and contribute to all technical aspects of the product.

Our Stack

  • Languages: TypeScript, GraphQL, SQL, Go, Solidity
  • Frameworks + Libraries: React, Next.js, Radix, Stitches, React Query, Ethers, Wagmi, Storybook, TradingView
  • Infrastructure: Vercel, AWS (S3, Lambda, EC2, EKS, ECS + more), PostgreSQL
  • Other Tools: Figma, Notion, Linear, Slack


  • Build out new user-facing features with slick, efficient and reusable React components
  • Collaborate with engineers, designers and stakeholders across the company to architect, build, launch, test, and improve features and systems
  • Take part in defining and architecting the long-term technical direction of the product
  • Reinforce security, availability and scalability of the product
  • Contribute to code reviews

Desired Experience

  • 5+ years of professional software development experience
  • Strong knowledge of Typescript, Javascript (ES6+), CSS (media queries, animations and/or modern animation libraries)
  • Experience working with React and NextJS
  • A deep understanding of modern state management patterns, caching strategies and libraries (notably React Hooks/Context, React Query, Zustand, Mobx or Recoil)
  • Experience with complex GraphQL or SQL queries
  • An entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to bring an idea or vision to life
  • A passion for the blockchain, decentralized finance, and freedom of speech
  • (Plus) Experience working with and/or implementing normalized caching strategies
  • (Plus) Experience working with RSC
  • (Plus) Previous experience working with data-intensive applications
  • (Plus) Previous development experience in the blockchain, crypto or financial industries
  • (Plus) Have used Polymarket (or other prediction markets) and understand how they function
  • (Plus) A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent


  1. Initial call (15 minutes)
  2. Phone screen (45 minutes)
  3. Take home project (compensated, 5 hours)
  4. Virtual on-site (3 hours)

While credentials are a bonus, our company culture values merit and hard work over credentials. On that same note, we do prioritize candidates with the aforementioned skills and qualifications. Salary is flexible depending on experience and fit. For this role, it’s preferred that you reside in the CST, EST or AST timezones and are fluent in english.

To apply, please forward your resume to [email hidden].